Fall Tour Schedule

The Fall tour schedule for Slugs & Bugs Live is starting to come together and we’re looking to fill open weekends and around dates where we are already booked.  There are cost advantages to booking a concert when we’re already going to be in the area, so I’m hoping you’ll look through the dates and jump at the chance to fill in a Saturday morning date when we’re playing nearby (within a few hours) that evening. Or maybe Sunday is booked and Saturday would work great for your community.  OR maybe you’re thinking Friday… or Monday… or TuesdayorWednesdayorThursday for a school assembly event. Either way, here’s what we’ve got so far.

(Incidentally, if you’re already thinking 2012, so are we – so don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at contact@slugsandbugs.com)

August 13, 4:00 pm Clarksburg, WV

If you are within a couple of hours of Pittsburgh PA, or Morganton WV, or if you’re in Columbus, Akron or Cleveland OH, we’d love to fill in that weekend with you!

August 20, St. Louis MO

Both Saturday morning and evening in St Louis are full, but Friday night and Sunday are still open. Are you within a few hours of St. Louis? Would you like to bring in a Slugs & Bugs concert for your community of families? Let’s talk.

September 17, Chicago IL

We are playing in River Forest at 4:00 pm, so there’s room for a Saturday morning Chicagoland concert, as well as a Friday night or Sunday.

October 1, Bloomington MN

This will be the first visit for Slugs & Bugs to the Twin Cities!  If your church or school is within a couple hours of Minneaoplis, St. Paul – let us know.

Oct 15, Huntsville AL

Only a hop from Nashville, we could still make it anywhere in the south in time for Sunday evening

Oct 29, Atlanta GA

Atlanta area churches and schools… you know who you are.

Oct 31, Midland TX

YeeHaw!  Here comes Texas.  And Southwest Airlines flies into Midland! If you’re in Texas, we should talk.

Nov 19 Danbury CT

I was born in Boston MA, but I’ve never been back.  There’s a ton of cool cities around Danbury.  I’m really hopeful we can make a nice Northeast run this weekend.

Of course, there are many other available dates than the ones listed.   If you’ve got your eye on a particular weekend, or if you just have questions about booking a Slugs & Bugs concert , email us at contact@slugsandbugs.com

Thanks for trusting Slugs & Bugs with your family time!  It’s our great joy to get to be a small part of your days (and bedtimes!).

5 thoughts on “Fall Tour Schedule

  1. We really tried to get our church to have you out to San Diego, but alas! The budget. 😦 We’ll keep trying!

  2. We live in Murray, KY, which is 3 hours from St. Louis. I’d love to get you here. It’s a college town, but there are lots of young families here. We go to a relatively small church, but there are LOTS of kids. I’d love to help promote a show … and my kids would love to see you live!

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