Download Slugs & Bugs Videos!

 One of the most exciting parts of the Slugs & Bugs Live concert is the bright and fun, hand-drawn animated videos that play behind me while I strum and sing and tickle the ivories. And from the very first S&B concert, folks have been asking me where they could get them.

Well, like a flying tractor, I’m so excited, because the wait is over!  Right now at the Slugs & Bugs Online Store we’ve bundled together Bears, Tractor Tractor, Stop, God Made Me, and Who’s Got the Ball.  That’s 5 videos for $6.  After some counting on my fingers, that comes out to about $1.20 per video, though at this time they are not for sale individually.  Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it, Who’s Got the Ball is the only live action video we’ve made.

I should also tell you that Scott Brignac is an accomplished Houston-based filmmaker, having most recently produced the Feedback films with Derek Webb, and he produced the Slugs & Bugs videos while Nora Courtney Ashkar did all the illustration.  I look forward to making more cool videos with them for families to enjoy in the future!

So click on over to the Slugs & Bugs Online Store and get yourself some S&B videos.  They might help make those long summer vacation car rides just a little bit shorter.

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