Monday Moment

The great Buddy Greene has just released a brilliant new CD titled Harmonica Anthology.  We have already worn out our copy, and everyone in the family has their own favorite track.  And my 3 year old son Ben really gets into it since I’ve been giving him harmonica lessons for the past few months.

The other day I was driving the mini-van with Ben in the back seat, and Ben says, “That’s Buddy Green in there?”

I answered, “Yes, that’s him playing the harmonica.”

And after a short pause, with worry on his voice, Ben said… “He stuck in there, and he can’t get out?”

One thought on “Monday Moment

  1. Super fantastic..!!
    A tiny suggestion if I may…
    It’s kinda hard to hear them sing
    with the music too loud …
    Thank you for an extremely enjoyable time..

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