Father-Son Hang

Last week, my oldest son (age 7) really wanted to go roller skating for our Father-Son Hang.  Miraculously, I thought to call just before we left, only to find out that the Skate Center was about to close. Ugh.  I don’t know about your kids, but when mine get their heart set, they are not easily herded away from their heart’s desire.

Eyes downcast, tears growing on his lids, my son’s trembling lips said, “Can we go to Chuck-e-Cheese? They stay open till 10.”

Huh… That raised as many questions as it answered.  And I’m not really a Chuck-e-Cheese fan. But we don’t have a Wii or DS or Playstation or anything yet, so I understood, and it pulled my feet from the fire and I said, “Of course we can!  We’ll have so much fun!”

So we braved the ice and snow and made it to Chuck-e-Cheese. I got 10 dollars in tokens and we were off.  We shot zombies, rolled ski-ball, shot giant insects, flew our jet fighters into enemy territory (we crashed a lot), and then shot zombies again. Oh, and we spent at least 3 dollars in tokens in those machines where you try to “win” lots of tickets.  Those things are the biggest scams in the whole place, but I held my tongue for the first couple of quarters each time, even dropping a few of my share into the slots just for solidarity.

Within 45 minutes, the tokens were gone, and were were staring at the plastic prizes behind the glass counter with our pockets full of 108 tickets. Two snakes and three tiny spiders later, we were outta there.

We got home and Jonah couldn’t wait to tell his big sister about the zombies and the giant insects, and then he offered her a snake.  She politely declined.  Jonah’s little brother Ben loved the spiders.

When I tucked the kids into bed, I whispered to Jonah, “Thanks for going with me to Chuck-e-Cheese, I had a lot of fun with you.” And he said, “Yeah – it was awesome.”

And it was.

One thought on “Father-Son Hang

  1. The Neer family had a similar experience at Chuck E Cheese last week, i.e. we had a blast. The best part was my wife “figuring out” one of the games to the tune of about 1200 tickets.

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