The CDs are Here Like Christmas Cheer!

If you’ve been itching to place an order for A Slugs & Bugs Christmas… scratch away!  The CDs are in like Flynn, wafer thin and ready to spin. What I’m trying to say is order away si vous plait, and hip, hip, hooray, we’ll mail them out today! (And sorry for the long delay!)

All this rhyme feels like cyber crime, like a youtube mime. But it’s hard to stop… like robo cop.

For a brief description, there are 16 tracks with kids singing all over the place on songs that range from silly to sacred, and if you’ve been waiting for the new verses to Jesus Loves Me, they’re on there… along with Pass The Ketchup, The Camel Song, It’s Christmas Time Again, and even old standards like Away in a Manger and It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. We hope you love it as much as we do!

If you need an ample sample, click on this link to listen to Happy Birthday Jesus – track 1 from “A Slugs & Bugs Christmas”

Or just click HERE and order your own hard copy of “A Slugs & Bugs Christmas” (and receive the whole record as an immediate digital download!!!)

Thanks, and I hope to see you soon on Slugs & Bugs’ Facebook page!

2 thoughts on “The CDs are Here Like Christmas Cheer!

  1. Awesome blossom. Any chance these will be sold at the upcoming BTLOG shows? I know Randall won’t be there this year but figured AP might still have a few copies for sale… just wondering if I can wait to buy it at the show or if I should order it online now.

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