Jesus Loves Me (New Lyrics)

In the brief history of church music for kids, there is but one song that reigns as king. Written in 1860, Jesus Loves Me has surely left the lips of more children than any other song in history. And with it’s beautifully simple melody and message, it is not hard to see why.

Many moons ago I was inspired by a conversation with my daughter to write new verses to the old tune, since traditionally, children sing only the first verse and chorus. And since I’ve begun performing the new version, I’ve had more requests for the lyrics to this song than any other Slugs and Bugs song.

Well, we’re putting Jesus Loves Me on the Slugs and Bugs Christmas record, so as a sneak peek into what is to come, here are the new lyrics… complete with the original verse and chorus.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong
They are weak but he is strong

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so

Jesus loves me when I’m good
When I act just like I should
When I say thank you and please
Brush my teeth and wash my knees

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so

Jesus loves me when I’m bad
When I talk back to my dad
When I stomp and whine and pout
(And) poke my bottom lip right out

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so

And why put Jesus Loves Me on a Christmas album, you may ask? Well, I was thinking of all those kids that haven’t been good (for goodness sake). All those kids that didn’t watch out, as well as those who went ahead and cried. If you’re a kid, and you’ve been naughty, and not nice… Santa is not really an option for you… you know?

This song is for those kids. And since I happen to be one of them, you better believe I’m putting it on A Slugs and Bugs Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Loves Me (New Lyrics)

  1. Thanks! My daughter asks for this song all of the time. Have you ever thought of putting videos on the website. My daughter is constantly asking if we can watch the video to Tractor, Tractor. Your concert was a hit 3 months ago! 🙂

  2. Randall,

    Thanks for posting these lyrics. We were at your concert in Elizabethtown, KY and were trying to remember all of these. We sing Jesus loves me to our kids every night before bed, and since your concert my 4 year old son has really enjoyed singing the “Jesus loves me when I’m bad” verse. We have also changed some of the lyrics, and thought we would share them with you. Instead of singing, “Yes Jesus loves me” 3 times, we sing “Yes Jesus loves me, he died to save me, he rose again, the Bible tells me so.” We have found this to be a great way of teaching our kids the gospel truths found in Rom. 5:8 and 1 Cor. 15:3-4.

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