A Slugs and Bugs Christmas Cantata

All this year I’ve been writing songs for a Slugs and Bugs Christmas CD, and we’ll be heading into the studio soon. As crazy as I am about these songs, I may be even more excited about the accompanying stage production.

The idea is to partner with the Children’s Director of a church or school and incorporate their kids into the concert by way of a kids choir, solos and dramatic movement. Think of a Christmas cantata that mixes super-silliness with sincerity and the occasional shepherds crook.

Months before the concert, The Children’s Director will have the lyric sheets, tracks, narrative script and all the other materials they’ll need ahead of time to prepare the kids, and they will all be on stage with me for the entire event.

Through the songs and the narration, the evening journeys lightheartedly through our misguided focus on Santa and his presents, and it ends with remembering and celebrating what Christmas is all about.

We’re booking the event right now and would love to share more information about it with any and all who are interested. I’ll be posting a sneak peek at one of the tunes on Monday, Sept. 20. So stay tuned!

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