Our Compassion Kids

Through Compassion, we have sponsored Tania (Honduras) and Didan (Uganda) for many years now.  Through our sponsorship, they are provided with food, clothes, medicine, education, and gospel studies for less than the cost of taking my family out to Chik-fil-a.

Every couple of months, we open the letter from Didan or Tania and catch up on what is happening in their lives.  Didan’s family bought a goat with the small sum of money we sent for Christmas, and he keeps us abreast of the changes in the harvest season and always concludes with a scripture inspired blessing for our family. We actually got to meet Tania back in 2004 on a trip with Compassion, and for years, she drew pictures and her mother wrote the letters because she was too little to write!  Now that she is able to write to us herself, we’ve watched her handwriting improve and sensed her growth in her letters and drawings.

Truly, as much as we may have been a blessing to Didan and Tania, they have been a blessing to us.  My own children can’t remember a time when pictures of Didan and Tania were not on our fridge.  They have gone from drawing pictures in crayon to writing real letters to these far-away friends.  As I think about it, letters to Compassion kids were probably the first letters Livi and Jonah ever wrote to anyone!  And now Ben has joined in, drawing a line of circles, (he calls them “wheels”) on our latest letter.

We will never really know how these unconventional relationships will have shaped our children and their view of themselves and the world, but if you are considering sponsoring a child through Compassion, I can promise that at the very least you will dramatically and permanently improve the life of a child, providing basic material needs where they were scarce, an abundance of potential through health care and education, and gospel-centered teaching that reveres Christ above all and constantly acknowledges him as the source of all blessing.

That’s the least you’ll be doing.  By engaging your kids in the relationship, you can also introduce a element of compassion and Christ-centered thought into your home that will inspire conversation, promote selflessness in your kids and give them a broader perspective about themselves and the world.

To sponsor a Compassion child, or to find out more, click on the link below.
Compassion Info

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