How to Promote a Slugs and Bugs Concert

Last weekend I brought Slugs and Bugs to a First Baptist Church of Vincennes, Indiana, and it was a rollicking good time.   Tickets were $5 and for their first-ever Slugs and Bugs concert, they jam-packed the sanctuary with well over 400 people and it seemed like the whole place was singing along to every song.   Dedra, the children’s ministry director, had obviously promoted a show before, and I asked her to share her secrets, as this is something I get questions about all the time.

Dedra sent me an email, and her suggestions were so good that we’ve added many of them to the Slugs and Bugs rider!  If you are considering booking a Slugs and Bugs concert or Christmas production in the next few months, these are great ideas for getting folks out to the show.

Promotion Ideas for Slugs & Bugs

1.    Take full advantage of the artwork provided in the promotional link
in the Slugs & Bugs rider.
Use the artwork to create posters, postcards, flyers etc.
(Depending on your budget, you can forward the link to a local printer for
“professional quality” prints or simply do it yourself).  Make sure that you
include the link on everything. Once your print work is
complete, distribute it everywhere that moms and kids frequent-churches,
daycares, play groups, schools, etc.

2.    Create a Slugs and Bugs event on Facebook, send out a mass text or
email blitz. These are quick and easy ways to reach a lot of people fast.

3.    Presale CDS. Order a box or two of the Slugs and Bugs CD before your scheduled
concert. Have it available to purchase at the same place(s) that tickets are
available. Encourage people to learn the music so they can sing along at the
show. (this is a great idea!!)

4.     Create contests for chances to win tickets. For instance, give a
ticket away to any child that can sing all the words to the verses of God
Made Me. Toss a beach ball around the sanctuary (or in your children’s
department) while playing “Who’s Got the Ball,” the person holding the ball
when the music stops wins a free ticket to the show.

5.    Newspaper and radio. Many newspapers and radio stations have church
news or community event sections that allow you to advertise for free.
Inquire with radio stations to be interviewed on local talk shows.

6.    Have the Slugs and Bugs CD playing in your children’s department and
sanctuary as people enter and exit services. Download segments of Slugs and
Bugs videos from You Tube to use for promotional use only. Create your own videos by recording kids from your church singing and dancing to the songs from Slugs and Bugs.

Thanks, Dedra!!

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