Slugs and Bugs at Creation

What a blast I had at the Kids Tent at the Creation Festival outside Mount Union, PA.  It was a first for me, bookended by the reptile guy and the Doughnut Man, rubbing shoulders with other folks who are following the calling to hang with the kiddos.

Friday and Saturday morning I went on around 10 am.  Dusty Creation patrons were still slowly meandering around the breakfast vendors (yes, you can have funnel cake for breakfast), but the kids and family tent was packed and ready to go.  I mean, they were as ready to go as you can be at 10 am after spending the night in a tent surrounded by tens of thousands of people.

Pennsylvania has a radio station that plays an hour of kids music every day (WJTL), and they had told me that Tractor, Tractor had been in heavy rotation.  I had no idea, however, that hundreds of parents and kids in the crowd at Creation would spontaneously cheer and sing along as I plowed ahead (wink, wink).  They knew the words and they were waiting for the jokes, and it was so stinkin’ fun.

I’ve got to say thanks to Lisa Landis (the Kids Cookie Break diva) and Fred McNaughton from WJTL for inviting me and loving on me while I was up there.  They both have such big hearts for kids… it was inspiring to be around them.  Lisa took the video that you see below…

On Saturday, the guitar I was borrowing didn’t work, so I wound up playing the whole set on keys which is why I’m at the piano for Bears.  I had never tried that, and it was actually really fun, though my brain was working so hard that I kept forgetting the motions.  In the end, I was glad the guitar didn’t work. There’s definitely a Gospel lesson in there somewhere.

One thought on “Slugs and Bugs at Creation

  1. What a treat to have you as part of the Creation Festival Children’s Tent line up! (and we were SO impressed with the transition from bad guitar to groovy keyboard).
    KCB LOVES “Slugs & Bugs”. Can’t wait for the Christmas album!

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