Building a Tree House! Chapter One?

OK – here’s the short version of what’s been done so far, in numbered steps.

1. make a list of everything we need to get at Home Depot for round one

2. lose the list, but realize it is lost just before we leave

3. grab the book that has the tree house plan (Dangerous Book for Boys) and run to the car, since your 3 kids are now bickering outside, waiting in the sweltering heat.

4. Quell bickering while herding and buckling, and make for Home Depot

5. Find out that amazingly, and horribly, Home Depot does not have the size/type wood screws we need (are you kidding me right now?), and we leave empty handed.

6. Tell disappointed kids we’ll go by doughnuts at the corner store on the way home (their idea, I’ve been trying to say ‘yes’ more often even when ‘no’ is way easier).

7. Doughnut store closed.

8. Somehow avoid major meltdown by “making the sale” for the otter pops we have in the freezer. (It was awfully hot, and “making the sale” is a major parenting strategy in the Goodgame house.  One day they may figure it out, but hopefully as they get older, we get wiser.)

9. Make new list, regroup for trip to Ace Hardware the next day.

10. The next day, I get home from work and the kids are playing outside and I’m about to call them in so we can make it to Ace before it closes when neighbors come walking down to play.  I let them play a little longer and we make it to Ace at 5:15.  I thought they always close at 6.  Today they closed at 5.

So, to recap Chapter One… no wood, no hardware, no progress, though I did get a darkly satisfying blog out of the deal.  Stay tuned, eventually I will begin to hit myself on the thumb with a hammer.

One thought on “Building a Tree House! Chapter One?

  1. Hey Randall, my son and I love this book, and I’ve been eyeing the treehouse chapter for a while now. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours goes. maybe I’ll get inspired to go for it.

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