Kids On Stage

Yesterday I played a Slugs and Bugs Live event at Fellowship Bible in Brentwood, TN.  It was such fun.  The room was packed with kids and parents and they weren’t afraid to sing along.  The third song in the set was Bears and I invited 4 kids up on stage to learn the hand motions and “lead” the crowd.  What happened next was cracking me up while I was singing.

Children began creeping up on stage from all angles to join the hand motioneers… it was like they were rushing the stage in slow motion until there was hardly room to hold them all.  Watch how quickly 4 turns into 40!

5 thoughts on “Kids On Stage

  1. Ever since you played at Intown Community Church in Atlanta, we’ve been listening to slugs and bugs in the car… every time “bears” comes on my daughter and I do the motions and the boys can’t help but get into it, even if they think they’re too old for this music. It sucks them in and the next thing they know they’re singing “tractor, tractor, digging up the air” which they think is hilarious!! Thanks so much for the great, God-honoring music!!

  2. Awesome! I wish I could have been there, Randy. Not just to see the brilliant show, but because I’m a songwriter too, see, and I have some ideas for this song that we should try…something about bears not drinking from a football field, or not needing Farberware, clocks, or flannels, or swoosh. What do you think?

    1. I don’t know, Andrew. I’m not sure what Faberware has to do with Bears… though it does rhyme…. hmmmm. And if the football field has so much liquid in it, will it be safe for kids to sing about? But swoosh sounds fun, I guess. Will you wear protective gear? You are getting older, you know…

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