We’re Building A Tree House!

Three years ago my family moved back to Nashville from a subdivision in Spring Hill, where the only trees in the neighborhood are the decorative flowering pears that punctuate the mostly well-manicured front yards.  We were so desperate for a changeup that one Fall in Spring Hill we bought a small red maple, uprooted our flowering pear and gave it to our friends next door, who by some contractor’s oversight were without one.

Our new neighborhood in Nashville is called Crieve Hall, and the trees fill up the sky.  Maple, oak, birch, pine, you name it, if it grows in Middle Tennessee, you can probably find it here.  And many of these trees are old. At least two trees in our back yard are well over 100 years old, and within days of moving in, our kids were already clamoring for a tree house.

Fast forward three years, this Christmas, we gave our son Jonah “The Dangerous Book for Boys” which is a wonderful book that values making paper airplanes along side how to invade a castle.  Flipping through the book, my daughter found the plans for building a tree house, and we decided to do it! Lately the kids have been talking more and more about getting a puppy, and it is definitely not time for that, so that made the decision even easier.  We are approaching it as a fun family project that the two older kids can do together with dad, and hopefully no one will lose life or limb or digit.

I can remember what it was like to be a kid, and how magical the idea of a tree house used to be.  I never had one, but to a 7 year old boy (or a 9 year old girl for that matter), a full fledged tree house right there in your back yard is much more magical than Apple’s ipad… even with 3G.   I worked late Monday evening, and when I came home I found a note on the floor on my office that read “For Dad” right next to this work of art Livi had made in extra time in her Encore class that day.

Tree House
check out the swing...

It about brought me to tears.  A miniature construction paper tree house… We are going to remember this for the rest of our lives, because it is just one of those things, and because we’re going to film the construction progress!!  I’ve enlisted Amy as my crack videographer and we’ll update the blog with video from every day or so with our progress once construction is underway.  I hope you’ll join us for the adventure.  We’ll get started after the kids get out of school.

One thought on “We’re Building A Tree House!

  1. Awesome! My dad and I built the BEST tree house when I was a kid. It had a trap door, and wooden planks with bark on them to camoflage it in the woods, and the best part — a platform and a rope swing so you could make a quick escape. Your kids will remember times building and playing in their tree house the rest of their lives! Have fun!

    P.S. I’m reading a great book that encourages tree-house building called Last Child in the Woods. You might enjoy it!

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