Whirlwind Weekend

I just finished a 4 hour drive, and I can’t quite go to bed till the caffeine wears off, so hears a brief recap.  This weekend was rough but just right. Kinda like a pool deck.

Saturday, with a raging sinus infection and a clogged, tinnitus plagued left ear, I drove the fam to Atlanta. The big kids red their Harry Potter books while Ben slept, then they watched the original Star Wars movie, and then we listened to our new kids mix CD – over and over. Oh, and I tried Afrin for the first time (generic brand). Here’s the power mix…

Waking on Sunshine

Ghostbusters Theme

Sweet Home Alabama

Power of Love

Beat it

Who Let The Dogs Out

We Will, We Will Rock You

Man In The Mirror

We arrived in Atlanta, I dropped the fam off at Amy’s brother’s, and I headed to Intown Community Church for soundcheck.  Met by the always delightful and vertically hip John Bigham, we spent 2 hours in the youth room trying to get a good sound setup working for the Sunday Slugs and Bugs bit, to limited success.  Brother-in-law Marty and his fam took us out to dinner (thanks Booths!), we got back to their place and I crashed like a blind duck.

Sunday: this day was huge. Amy woke me up at 6 (happy mothers’ day), I stopped at Einstein Brothers for a breakfast bagel and got to Intown at 7:40, met again by the Bigham on campus. He had astutely arranged for Fred the sound guy to get there and help us work out the kinks, which Fred did with a professional’s aplumb. Then I hit the Afrin and went back downstairs to soundcheck for the service and set up the merch.

First service went fine. After I played the offertory, the pastor there, who’s a close friend of my pastor here in Nashville, asked me to speak for a minute on the flooding in Nashville and how it has affected our Church and our city. That was nice.

I ran upstairs after speaking on behalf of my beloved Nashville, and we rocked about 7 songs from the Slugs and Bugs Live set… the kids were awesome, responsive, attentive, they spun around, they sang along, and it looks like the adults want to bring in the full show in the Fall, which is also awesome.  In the elevator after the set, a little boy about 5 or 6 got on and said, “I really like your songs.” Again, awesome.

I sold some CDs between the services, packed up the S&B gear upstairs, gargled a bit of salt water (courtesy of The Bigham), and hit the second service, same as the first, and then snagged the last cranberry scone left on their breakfast treat table.  Someone had actually pinched a corner off, but I didn’t care.  It was great with the church coffee.

Sold some more CDs, shook hands, made some friends, and blitzed outta there because…

My daughter’s rhythmic gymnastics competition started at 1:30! I hit Einstein’s again and high-tailed it for 45 minutes, arriving somewhere north of Atlanta just in time to see Livi warm up with her gymnastics… team? Squad? Pod?

Livi rocked the floor routine, rope routine and ball routine, and after a few hours I left with Ben, who was about to melt down like a polar bear habitat.  We went to Target, got some coffee and a mama’s day gift and met everyone back at the house, packed up (we brought 3 loads of laundry so as to conserve Nashville water, per our governments request), and got outta there at 7.

Drive, drive, Cracker Barrel, new pull-up, drive, Emperors New Groove (on VHS), kids fall asleep, mom falls asleep, dad soldiers on to Marc Cohn’s debut CD (dusted that one off for the first time in probably half a decade). We land in Nashville at midnight, tuck in kids, unload car, tuck in wife, snack, supplements, blog…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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