Tractor New Lyrics?

So, speaking of Tractor, Tractor, my 2 year old son Ben has the melody down, and he’s been writing new lyrics to the song as he sees fit.  This morning it was…

Salt and pepper, salt and pep-per

Thursday morning it was…

Trash truck, trash truck, trash sh shash sh shuck.

But hands down my favorite so far is…

Mama, daddy, Livi, Jonah, Ben

If you’re kids have creative suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “Tractor New Lyrics?

  1. This is so great! My almost-three-year-old, Sophie, LOVES your songs and we all as a family just really enjoy this CD. I don’t have suggestions for “Tractor, Tractor,” but Sophie and I sing “Who’s Got the Ball” all the time with different people’s names. We put in grandma, grandad, her cousins, her friends, even her stuffed animals.

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