Behind the Song: Tractor, Tractor

Watch our Tractor, Tractor video on youtube!

Well here it is.  This song was my attempt at writing as simple a kids song as possible. I think the only thing that saves it from becoming mind-numbingly repetitive is the frequent modulations and the brilliant trombone stylings of Andrew Osenga.   I was really pleased with the melody and the lyrics (my daughter came up with the carriage line) and I thought it was finished when I brought it to Andrew P.  Fortunately for everyone, AP saw a perfect opportunity for silliness to reign supreme and we laughed till our heads ached coming up with the ridiculous bits at the end.

Is is hubris to laugh at your own jokes?  Because even after all this time, it still cracks us both up. Thank Goodness that AP will be joining me on Tractor, Tractor at the Nashville show in May.

One thought on “Behind the Song: Tractor, Tractor

  1. Our kids love this song, too. My husband grew up in a wheat farming family so he always feels the need to add the comment, “Of course, it’s the combine that harvests the wheat.” And then we break into a Combine, combine verse of our own. Keep up the silliness. We love the songs.

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