Our First VeggieTales Tune

It had been a long time since I’d seen this youtube video.  Someone just forwarded it to me excitedly because of how many views it has.  This is the first song AP and I ever wrote for VeggieTales and it’s now been viewed over 793,000 times.  That is crazy.

3 thoughts on “Our First VeggieTales Tune

  1. We’ve pitched a few of these types of songs, and I am almost always Bob. It’s not so much that I’m a stick in the mud as Andrew is VERY Larry. I’m much better as the straight man than I am the jokester, and andrew is brilliant as a wisecracker.

    It’s the same roles we fell into on Tractor Tractor. Oooh! I smell another “behind the song” entry coming on!

  2. Very cool. I can see AP being the jokester, and it seems that makes sense.

    Still, you’re tall, and Larry’s tall…and I bet you could pull off the Larry part if you really tried.

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