Behind the Song: Tiger

Preview ‘Tiger’

When AP and I set out to make Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies, we knew we needed a few more songs, so we decided on a friendly songwriting challenge. For one week, we each had to write one children’s poem a day and send it to the other person before we went to sleep that night. I remember that Andrew was infuriatingly prolific, sending me epic poems before 10:00 pm, and it was usually his finished poem that would remind me that I had a poem to write before I went to bed!

One of the poems that turned into a track on the record (there are a few) is Tiger. It was my last poem, and the last song we recorded. I remember we had a blast putting together all the background vocals at the end of the song, and we spent a lot of time getting the instrumental build just right from verse to verse. Lyrically, it’s obviously a very silly song, but I imagine the kid who is singing this song is completely sincere. She really would like to buy a tiger, if she knew he would be tame, but she would totally sic it on her brother if he doesn’t cut it out.

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