Code Words

I don’t know about your kids, but from time to time mine will play too rough with one another. I suggested to my 2 older kids, Livi and Jonah, that they come up with a code word that they could say when someone had crossed the line. Upon the uttering of the code word, all play had to stop immediately until everything was deemed cool.

They immediately started thinking of words that were silly and made them laugh, like “sticky bottom” or “booger brains,” but after a few trial runs, those code words proved ineffective due to their silliness. So I told them to try and think of a word that was boring so they wouldn’t be distracted from the point of the word. The code word they chose… the most boring thing they could think of… “white paper.”

That is brilliant, and hilarious.

Now, from time to time, I’ll hear the two older kids arguing,

Stop it! I said “white paper!”

I didn’t hear you!


And it makes me giggle.

One thought on “Code Words

  1. When we have “tickle time” with our daughter, and it seems like she has had her fill, she says the words “Stinky Cheese Man.” You’re right, though, that she usually says it through peals of laughter, and it seems silly. But, when we hear those words, even in their silliness, we honor them, and stop the tickling. Code words are a great thing to not have to feel embarrassed. But yeah, “White Paper” is about as blank as it gets. Anyone would know you were serious then. 🙂

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