New Video!

We’ve been working with friends in Houston to produce video for “Slugs and Bugs Live,” and here’s the first one!

Videos like this one will accompany the live performance. We LOVE how they are turning out, and we hope you do too. If you play it for your kids, let us know what they think!

We’d love to visit your church or school this spring, so feel free to
email with questions about the event!

5 thoughts on “New Video!

  1. Laura, age 5 1/2, sang along and loved it. Addie, almost 4, asked if there were any others. Katie, age 11 months, bounced along in her booster seat. I think that means it’s a hit.

  2. You have left an indelible mark on our family! “Slugs and Bugs” will forever be associated with our camping trip to Roosevelt Lake in the summer of 2008 filled with laughs, giggles and “chicken wiggles”. Thanks

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