Behind the Song: Who’s Got The Ball

Preview ‘Who’s Got the Ball’

This song was so fun to find.  I was with my daughter, she was probably 4 or 5, and she literally “had the ball.” I started singing that first line, and I just tucked it away in my memory for whenever AP and I ever got around to making that kids record we kept talking about.

Fast-forward to the weeks before recording, Andrew and I were upstairs in my home office in Spring Hill, and I played it for him.  All I had was that first lyric and melody../ “Who’s got the ball? Livi, Livi does…” repeating over and over again, but I really loved the energy and wanted to see what it could become.

When we started singing (Asher)Jesse’s name over the melody, the song was at least moving forward, and we found the cool little “yes-he-yes-he does, Jesse, Jesse does” rhyme.  Then it sort of stalled, and I remember just sitting in silence up there, knowing that AP’s gears were probably turning as fast as mine as we wondered what would come next.  Eventually, we just started thinking crazy outside the box and just saying whatever nutty idea came to mind, and then suddenly we were talking about what this game might look like, and that turned into a play by play, and then, eureka! With the added touch of Andrew’s very best Howard Cosell imitation, we found the song.

Someone sent me this video a little while ago – I don’t know who it is, but it makes me smile, because this kid has probably “had the ball” for 30 minutes before mom or dad got out the video camera.  But his commitment to having the ball never wavered.

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