Slugs and Bugs Rehearsal #1

Well, it was a low key affair this morning.  Cdub came over to begin working through the details of how this whole show is going to roll. (For those of you who don’t know yet, Christopher Williams is playing the part of Andrew Peterson on this leg of the tour).

We drank our green tea and listened through all the songs and typed in our laptops and suddenly 3 hours had gone by! Cdub is a talented singer/songwriter, but he also is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, so we spent quite a bit of time figuring out what he will play when, and how it will work with the super-cool hand-drawn animated video.  I’ll tell you this much, instead of the accordion on Bears, Cdub is gonna break out his harmonica! Yeehaw!

Dates for the upcoming tour are steadily coming in, and so far we’ve locked in Nashville on the weekend of March 18th and St. Louis the weekend of April 16th. Get more info at!

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